Sure Performance Products is a direct Authorized T-1 Certified AMSOIL Dealer located in Holbrook, NY. We support a dealer network throughout Long Island and the United States. Our customer base comprises of individuals who are enthusiasts of motorcycles, automobiles, hot rods, 4x4s, powersport vehicles, ATVs, UTVs, trucks and more.


Our number one goal is to support you in your efforts to protect all of your equipment with the best lubricants on the market. Sure Performance Products is dedicated in helping you understand the products made and offered by AMSOIL.

AMSOIL Products are proudly made in the USA; blended and packaged in their state-of–the–art facility in Superior, WI. Their distribution centers are strategically located through-out North America to ensure orders arrive as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Commited To Quality


Remaining at the forefront of lubrication science requires constant improvement and a strong commitment to quality. AMSOIL has earned a reputation in the industry for manufacturing to more rigorous standards than other lubricant companies.


The process begins by selecting raw materials based on quality and performance, not price. AMSOIL quarantines and tests all incoming raw material to ensure it meets the company’s strict performance standards before accepting it for use.


The AMSOIL manufacturing process uses a simultaneous metered blending system that pumps raw materials in a defined sequence to maintain top-quality finished products. After blending, a sample of the finished product is subjected to a series of industry-standard tests. Every product AMSOIL manufactures is tested every time it is blended to confirm maximum quality and consistency. This ensures AMSOIL users receive the same high performance every time they purchase AMSOIL synthetic lubricants.

Automakers Are Moving Up To Synthetics


Modern engine technology is placing more burden on motor oils. Vehicle manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to provide fuel-effecient vehicles that produce fewer emissions than their predecessors. They employ a variety of techniques to improve efficiency and reduce emissions, and nearly all of them negatively impact motor oil. Engines are smaller, yet produce more power. They often rely on turbos and unique fuel injection systems that can increase the amount of contaminants introduced into the oil. Synthetic lubricants contend with these additional stresses better than conventional lubricants. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants deliver the robust film strength, extreme-temperature protection, and maximum fuel efficiency automakers are looking for.

Using AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants Can Help the Environment

Consider the savings on the environment if, for example, the 243 million cars (excluding trucks, buses and taxis) in the United States were equipped with AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil. If each vehicle has an oil capacity of five quarts, accumulates 15,000 miles annually and has the oil drained every 5,000 miles, practicing extended drain intervals with AMSOIL Signature Series would reduce the amount of oil used in the U.S. annually by over 2.4 billion quarts.


In addition, each year millions of gallons of motor oil are burned and exit through the tailpipes of cars and trucks, creating emissions pollution. Petroleum oils volatilize (burn off) more readily than AMSOIL synthetic oils and create more emissions pollution. The thicker oil left behind after volatilization contributes to damaging deposits, sticky piston rings and oil blow-by, all of which cause reduced engine life, reduced fuel economy and increased air pollution.

Feel Secure Using AMSOIL Products


It is against Federal law for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to deny warranty coverage based on the brand of lubricant used. The Warranty Secure symbol informs consumers of this fact. Using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in place of OEM-branded lubricants, or practicing extended drain intervals when using AMSOIL lubricants, does not void new vehicle or equipment manufacturer warranties.


According to the Federal Trade Commission:


The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act makes it illegal for companies to void your warranty or deny coverage under the warranty simply because you used an aftermarket or recycled part.... The manufacturer or dealer must show that the aftermarket or recycled part caused the need for repairs before denying warranty coverage. Visit the Federal Trade Commission -  ( (emphasis added)



AMSOIL stands behind its products and the people who use them.


If the OEM claims use of AMSOIL products violates the warranty, contact AMSOIL Technical Services (715-399-TECH). For complete information on AMSOIL warranties, contact AMSOIL Technical Services or visit