FAQ & Info

Who is Sure Performance Products?

We are an Authorized T-1 Certified AMSOIL Dealer that supports a national wide customer base and dealer network.

Why buy AMSOIL products from Sure Performance Products?

We are committed to making sure you fully understand how to purchase AMSOIL products at the best possible price. We will also assist and guide anyone who is interested in learning how to become an AMSOIL dealer and help them start their own AMSOIL business.

How do I save money when buying AMSOIL online?

Our website is designed so that when you click on a link to buy AMSOIL products you are redirected to www.amsoil.com. When we link you to AMSOIL's website, we are allowing you to purchase directly from AMSOIL and receive the best possible prices. The AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program is a great cost savings offer for those who are interested in purchasing products at wholesale prices.

How does Sure Performance Products make money selling AMSOIL online?

We are an authorized AMSOIL dealer and we are paid directly from AMSOIL by referring customers through our site. As a result of you visiting our website and placing an order, we will receive a small commission from AMSOIL the following month after your purchase. All AMSOIL sales are sold through an authorized AMSOIL dealer and this policy is the same for all dealers.

What if I buy AMSOIL online directly from www.amsoil.com?

If you decide to go directly to www.amsoil.com and purchase products without being linked by an authorized AMSOIL dealer's website, your sales will be distributed by AMSOIL to an authorized dealer. That dealer will be your agent and will recieve commssions for all your future purchases. By allowing Sure Performance Products.com to be your referring authorized AMSOIL dealer, you can be certain that you will receive impeccable customer support from us.

How do I place an AMSOIL order with Sure Performance Products?
The most convenient way is online through our user friendly secure website. If you live locally and wish to pick-up your purchases directly from us, you can place an order by phone. For more information regarding this method, please use our contact information page.

Can I purchase AMSOIL products securely?

YES. We make your AMSOIL purchases safe and convenient.

How do I receive my AMSOIL product?

All orders placed online are shipped directly to you from the nearest AMSOIL warehouse. All deliveries are made in a timely manner right to your doorstep. For your security, you will be notified when your items ship.