Synthetic Grease

AMSOIL has a wide range of specific greases for whatever application you made need. They Deliver excellent wear protection and extreme-pressure performance over extended service intervals. Excellent impact resistance, reliable contaminant control and maximum longevity. For everything from automobile, racing, trailer, heavy industrial and more.

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AMSOIL Grease Gun Kit (GLCKT)


AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease is now available in a convenient 3-oz. cartridge size (GLC3P), designed for use with the new AMSOIL Grease Gun. The Grease Gun Kit (GLCKT) includes a 3,600 psi spring-loaded grease gun, flexible hose and 3-oz. cartridge of Multi-Purpose Grease. The 3-oz. cartridges are also available in packs of three.